Case study:
Deceuninck colour campaign 2021

What do homeowners really think about colour?

Context and challenge

Window and door systems company, Deceuninck, had established an industry lead on PVC-U foil finishes but keeping its market message as fresh as it’s colour palette after a three-year campaign was proving a challenge.

With other window and door systems suppliers following in its footsteps and aggressively promoting their own offers, there was also a requirement to consolidate Deceuninck’s position and market share and put distance between it, and its competitors.

‘The PVC-U window systems sector is highly competitive. We have great products but needed a new platform to reach customers and prospects. Lasco found it’

Rob McGlennon,Managing Director, Deceuninck

Our approach

Working alongside Deceuninck’s inhouse marketing team, we conducted a detailed analysis of Deceuninck’s own positioning and assessed it against that of its competitors.

This reinforced an assessment that the ‘space’ occupied on colour was becoming increasingly congested. What was clear, however, was that research on what was driving the PVC-U window colour market was thin on the ground.

A discovery phase revealed that for most prospects and customers, their understanding of colour and finish choices as a driver of sales was anecdotal and that authoritative research was seen as high value.

This analysis led us to develop a consumer research campaign conducted by market research leader YouGov. This delivered multiple returns;


It provided Deceuninck with immediate insights into homeowner understanding of PVC-U foil finishes and their colour preferences, supporting the development of its own colour offer

The research provided a foundation for a series of customer communications, sharing and releasing content over a 12-month period to maximise value from it and to reinforce the added-value that partnership with Deceuninck delivered

Insights also provided the basis for an external communication campaign, promoting and consolidating Deceuninck’s leadership position on colour and providing a platform for the communication of its product offer.

Brand association with YouGov reinforced Deceuninck’s authority on colour and foils

The results were utilised by Deceuninck’s sales team as a platform for customer contact and promotion of offer.

Channel strategy

In order to maximise return on investment throughout the year, the insights delivered by the YouGov poll were released strategically to different audiences at different times and across multiple channels and formats.

This included:

  • Direct customer communications
  • Media
  • Social media
  • E-shots
  • Website content
Information was released in multiple formats including:

  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Press releases
  • Features
  • Presentations
  • Animations
  • Video

The client’s assessment

“We identified a need to change. Lasco delivered that for us. Their understanding of our sector meant they were quick to identify opportunity, developing a considered campaign strategy, executing it with precision to deliver clear results.”

Rob McGlennon,Managing Director, Deceuninck

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