Case study:

Roundtable and skills campaign

Context and challenge

Bohle is a global leader in glass consumables and hardware, working with glass processors and IGU manufacturers, plus the window and door sector, supplying everything from internal commercial glazing systems and balustrading, to glass cutting wheels and cleaner.

Its campaigns focus on the company’s unique position in the market, including not only the reach of its offer, but the expertise and partnership it brings to business, including educational and training programmes.

Through discussion with its customer base, it became clear that glass processors and IGU manufacturers, as well as the sector more broadly, were struggling to recruit new people into the industry, particularly school and college leavers.

The glass sector is a great place to work but at that time, there was no coordinated effort to bring people into it. Given our reach and the focus we place on upskilling as part of our sector offer, we were uniquely placed to bring people together to start a conversation to drive change.

Dave Broxton,Managing Director, Bohle

Our approach

With growing pressure on recruitment into the sector and a growing skills deficit, we identified an opportunity to support the industry in addressing the skills gap by sharing experience and best practice amongst industry colleagues, the by-product of which, would be to reinforce Bohle’s leadership position within the industry and to communicate its proposition.

The aim was to get the industry talking but with the strategic objective of getting individuals and organisations, to assume responsibility for effecting positive change.

Advocacy-based campaigns. The basics :


1. Those driving an advocacy-based campaign need to genuinely believe in what they’re doing. They deliver ‘soft returns’ not ‘hard leads’. It’s about long-term reputational gains not quick fixes.

Consider your audience and relevancy carefully. Who are you targeting and why they should care? People are busy, you have to persuade them to step away from their day jobs, so choose your campaign carefully.

Test before you start. Carry out basic research to gauge audience reaction before investing time in delivery.

Also be clear about goal and objective setting. What does success look like? Ultimately, a campaign should affect change for the better!

Make the case – why should your audience sit up and take notice. Evidence why your cause is important, and how they can and should be part of the solution.

Maximise the reach and impact of your campaign by amplifying it across multiple channels.

Our solution

Having tested our thesis and gathered direct feedback from customers and training providers, we developed a campaign plan built around a series of roundtable events.

Held at six-month intervals, the first of these was focussed on understanding the challenges in recruitment, how companies were trying to adapt and sharing of experience. This included contributions from specialist training providers, as well as business owners and managers. The sector media were also invited to attend the event and approached as campaign partners.

As part of this strategy, Bohle committed to lead by example, partnering with training providers and awarding body, GQA, to provide accredited NVQ training modules.

The success of the training programme and follow-up events directly contributed to building awareness around the skills deficit.

This was picked up on by the industry. Bohle was invited to contribute to the Glass and Glazing Federation on training and skills.

And a new and independent campaign, Building Our Skills, was formed to promote skills and recruitment into the glass and fenestration sectors and supported by Bohle, through sponsorship.

The client’s assessment

“Our position is built on the strength of our commercial partnerships and the expertise of our people. Lasco supported us in communicating that to a broader audience and in mobilising the industry as a whole to step up, recognise the challenge and to come together to address it.”

Dave Broxton,Managing Director, Bohle

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