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Business Pilot

Business Pilot Barometer

Context and challenge

Business Pilot is a cloud-based business management tool, specifically designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of installation companies, providing real time insights from lead generation and installation scheduling, to aftercare and financial reporting.

Then a tech start-up, its journey to challenger brand has been rapid, pursuing a programme of continuous platform development and evolution.

Early on in this journey Business Pilot recognised that while it operated in a digital space, many of its prospects didn’t. This meant that while it was reaching those companies which were predisposed to using digital tools to run their business, its message wasn’t necessarily getting through to those who less likely to be on digital channels but who its tools could really help.

It also faced a challenge from larger and at that time, more established competitors, who by definition, were focussed on safeguarding their market share.

We knew that we had a market leading product, one that could genuinely help to transform the way installation business are run. But we were also aware that many installation companies have been built around more traditional operations – and in many cases, they have been disappointed by software solutions that have promised the earth but delivered very little. Lasco worked with us to identify a clear strategy on how to overcome this bias and to build our brand authority.

Elton Boocock,Managing director, Business Pilot

Our approach

Doing what it does, Business Pilot is by definition a data rich company in an industry which is historically, data poor.

It provided us with a unique opportunity to collate anonymised data and to provide real time insights on how retail was performing in an industry barometer.

This gave us a high-value content platform, which was relevant to media but also the sector more widely, encouraging social sharing by all stakeholders.


We identified a deficit in meaningful market analysis in the window and door industry and seized the opportunity to provide real time assessment of market trends, distributed across key industry titles

Through the regular publication of the Business Pilot Barometer, we were able to evidence the software’s capability - and by default its value to installers – directly, through the material we released

While we adopted a print-first strategy in order to hit a specific demographic, we maximised exposure through online editions, Business Pilot’s own digital platforms and the social sharing of content

We established the Business Pilot Barometer as the primary source of real time information on retail sales activity for the window and door industry.

The production of White Papers and articles that focussed on Business Pilot’s industry data further enhanced its brand authority maximising ROI.

Channel strategy

In order to deliver consistent exposure, and to maximise the impact of Business Pilot’s unique data and its customer testimonials, we adopted an agile approach, establishing the Barometer as a regular monthly column in prominent industry trade titles and their respective digital newsletters, supplemented by articles, press releases and case studies.

Once published, this high-value content was sign-posted on social media, helping to support SEO and generate enquiries by directing traffic to the Business Pilot website.

We also partnered with the industry’s leading expo, the FIT Show to create a dedicated series in the run up its 2021 event. Called WorkSmart, this promoted business learning and best practice, drawing down on the data released in the barometer but also including a series of video interviews, released in a syndicated format to trade media.

In addition to the barometer and associated content, we developed a case study programme, with a particular focus on the financial and efficiency gains that Business Pilot had delivered to its customers, while evidencing the hard data to underpin it.

The client’s assessment

“As a business we have moved from our start-up status to the challenger brand to established CRMs and sales management tools. Our relationship with John and the team has been a big part of that journey, supporting Business Pilot in building our brand and reaching prospects who otherwise could have been hard to reach and who paradoxically, we can actually help the most .”

Elton Boocock,Managing Director, Business Pilot

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