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Keeping it reel

By September 12, 2023No Comments
Nathan Bushell - Video production

Thinking of investing in video production? Before you do, read what our Director Nathan Bushell has to say.

You are spending more of your time engaging with customers and suppliers – potential and existing – on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Every post you engage with is another vital link between your companies, and every post you share forms part of that rich tapestry of communications.

So how do you communicate effectively on social media?

LinkedIn allows you to give your brand depth and personality, which is why video can work so well. Done right, you can tell a story, offer a genuine insight into your business, and create a platform for discussion that can help build relationships.

But, before you engage the services of an expensive film company, here are some dos and don’ts:

  • Do keep it simple. You want to keep videos short – no more than two minutes – and you want to stick to one or two ideas. Any more than that and it becomes confusing.
  • Don’t overload your content with graphics, effects and fancy camera shots – they are too distracting,
  • Do: be genuine. Authenticity really matters. LinkedIn is all about people, and this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself.
  • Don’t lose sight of what matters – the story and the personality.
  • Do: give your customers an interesting behind-the-scenes view of how your business operates.
  • Don’t worry about a slightly untidy factory, or a window sample propped up against the wall in the showroom. This is real life.
  • Do: link it with your wider marketing strategy. If you do engage the services of a third party, it will be money wasted if you don’t think about how those videos support your wider marketing activity.
  • Don’t worry about being flashy and hitting people’s feeds with a bang. This is about genuine storytelling and engaging in conversation with your customers.

At Lasco, we build these key points into our approach to making videos. We attend every meeting with a camera in our bag (along with lights, microphones, drones, etc.), and we film as much footage as we can.

We plan ahead so people know what to expect, but we don’t want to interrupt people’s working day, and we don’t have teams of people making unwelcome demands.

We’ve coined the term ‘Trueshot Video’ and it reflects our pragmatic approach to film-making, generating authentic videos that people will engage with.

We’ve also built this service into our standard offering, and not as an expensive add-on.

We recognise that videos are a key part of today’s marketing landscape, and we believe our clients should benefit from this fresh new approach.

Talk to me, Nathan Bushell, or John Warren to find out more.